GoShortener: gem to use goo.gl service

anand posted this on 05 Feb 2011

Recently, Google released its api for its URL shortener service. I might use this service in future, so I've created a small ruby wrapper/gem "goshortener".

You can use Google's json api directly without any ruby wrapper like goshortener. But doing that involves, requesting google servers and handling & parsing the json responses, etc.,

goshortener eliminates these problems. This gem currently exposes two methods, #shorten and #lengthen, with their names clearly expressing what they do. Installation and usage instructions can be found in its github project page

Google api for this service is currently in version 1. There might be lots of improvements to this service in the future. I hope I will maintain this goshortener gem to match all the capabilities google might give via its api.

goshortener is hosted in rubygems.org and the source code is hosted in github. If you find any issues with the gem, please log them here.