anand posted this on 22 Aug 2012

I’m excited about everything in iOS now.

iOS6 is coming. And like every other Apple developer, I’m looking forward to it.

I am a beginner to Apple ecosystem. I have created just a couple of iOS apps and just one of them is in App store now.

The fact that you can use one language (Objective C) and one tool (Xcode) to build apps for 3 platforms is really really exciting to me. And with the simple clean processes setup by Apple to build and ship apps to the store and eventually earn profits is cool.

iCloud: Developers getting a free sync solution out of the box is not a small thing. I have been developing web apps for a while and I would say its a pain to setup a similar sync architecture on your own.

iCloud web tools: And with iCloud web tools, integration is going to be much more easier than before.

Facebook integration: When Twitter got integrated in iOS5, it made it easier for developers to integrate their apps with Twitter without worrying about OAuth and any other related headache. Now with the incoming Facebook integration, apps using Facebook on iOS devices is going to explode.

With easy Twitter, Facebook and iCloud integration, the ecosystem is going to become awesome. Both for Developers and Users. I know I’m stating nothing new here, but just wanted to share my excitement aloud to this world.