Why App.net won't grow high

anand posted this on 24 Aug 2012

I understand the purpose behind the creation of App.net. As a Developer, I truly appreciate the value behind the project.

But, none of my friends care about it. And I’m telling you - they are not in the mood to join “another” social network.There was MySpace. Then there was Orkut. And now there is Facebook & Twitter.

I just see my family members getting convinced to be on Facebook. And they are still paranoid about sharing things on it.  

More than that - its not even FREE. I’m not saying it should be free as it would defeat the whole purpose. But it makes the entry point so hard for general public to try things with it.

The major mobile eco-systems are trying so hard to integrate with a social network by default. Android with Google+. iOS with Facebook and Twitter. 500 million users are accessing FB from mobile devices. App.net needs to have such a strong bond with a mobile platform.

No matter how cool it is to watch this social network getting developed, I’m sure it won’t have enough growth to compete with Facebook or Twitter.