Strictly against iOS wrapper SDKs

anand posted this on 03 Mar 2013

Many frameworks like RubyMotion are coming in these days and people have started developing apps using them!

My only question to them is - “Do you have a long term goal with your app?”. If their answer is “yes”.. then I can say that they have already taken the wrong path. 

Web is an open platform. You can develop on whatever technology you like. And you control the entire stack in the service’s lifetime.

But Apple platforms aren’t. We as iOS/Mac developers depend on Apple platform for our profits. If Apple wishes to shut down our sales, no one can change it. 

On top of this strong dependency on Apple, these RubyMotion guys are coming in and putting another dependency layer on top. Now we need to depend on RubyMotion to support latest and greatest APIs from Apple. Don’t you see where it is going?

I mean we can talk a lot of fast development in RubyMotion… but taking that extra time to do it in Apple’s Native language and SDKs is worth it in every way you can think of.

I tend to always think towards permenant solutions. And I strongly believe that RubyMotion is not the way to go.