Go Native

anand posted this on 28 May 2013

From my college days, I always wanted to try native programming. For the sake of it. And for a solid platform.

Windows programming used to be THE THING in 90s. But when I graduated in 2010, web was filled with Ruby/Rails and Python/Django. And with frameworks like jQuery, Backbone.js, people have started to look at Modern Browser as the platform.

Windows still rules Desktop systems. True. Visual studio is so damn cool. But Programming for windows … err.. ok.. may be not my first choice. And its old-fashion.

I love Unix systems.

I could have written Software for Linux. But where is the market for it? No one is going to buy my software unless it is some enterprise security stuff like what RedHat sells.

With Mac and iOS, I get to work on native code and its all Unix inside. Apple developers have so much opportunity now. There is a huge market for it and people are buying them. Take for example - Clear and Tweetbot. 

This is a great time to be an Apple Developer.