Rails 4 is Awesome

anand posted this on 21 Jul 2013

I have not been following Ruby on Rails for a long time now. Attending WWDC and few other things occupied my time. 

Its been a month since ✨Rails 4 got released✨. And the changes are pretty good. Committers are so bold and fast in adopting new stuff on the web. I think it is one of the things that separates Rails from other web frameworks.

Removal of Active Resource for example. Frankly speaking I’ve never used ActiveResource. I’m sure its the same case with many other developers. Anyways - i feel its a good move to remove it from the framework. 

And adding support for Postgres HStore in ActiveRecord is my favourite part. There is always a need for such a data type in my work.

I was camping on the other side (Python/Django) for a while and I realised many times that Rails is a perfect framework to build things.

Happy to be back on board. 🍻