Its not over.

anand posted this on 02 Aug 2013

iOS 7 redesign is not yet done. 

What was revealed in WWDC is just the start. They set the tone of the entire system. And in every beta, Apple is refining the details one by one. 

So any blogger who writes review about iOS7 should know about this. Many think that what they see in beta is final. There is a reason why they call it iOS7 “beta”.

Apple can’t change the entire design overnight. First they have to come up with the feel of the whole system and they have to gather feedback before finalising the design. That’s what they are doing now.

Only developers are given a chance to use the beta. Thats purely for the purpose of getting their apps ready for the new system.

If a journalist gets hold of it and starts to write review now itself, its like eating a half-baked cake and judging the taste of it. 

Lets wait and see. The problem is, people from the other world are starting to go hoo-haa about the negative reviews. They don’t know what they are talking about.