Specs comparison is irrelevant

anand posted this on 03 Aug 2013

I’ve been seeing many specs comparisons like this - http://www.cultofmac.com/238464/moto-xs-specs-compared-to-the-iphone-5-and-galaxy-s4/ and I think it’s absolutely irrelevant for users.

Apple devices by trend live without problems for 2 years. During the same period they receive first class support in software updates. There is usually one iOS release per year and so in two years, the device can run two OS releases.

Since the device can run all the software without any problem during its life time, I feel the specs comparisons are just confusing and misleading users.

If you want to purchase a Windows computer, specs comparison between a DELL computer and HP computer makes sense. If you compare two android devices, it makes sense. And if you compare two apple devices it makes sense. Software running on each of the devices is same in such comparisons and specs affect how fast you can run it.

What journalists do is they take an apple device and android device for comparison. Which is totally wrong way of doing it. Because the software is different in each of them.

Poor non-techie people use such articles to take decisions. As if that single GB RAM is gonna help them launch a space ship next day.

As long as my device can run that latest game on App Store, the specs doesn’t matter.