Happy and Productive Engineer

anand posted this on 02 Dec 2013

We are Knowledge workers.

Software industry demands us to be creative in picking up good solutions all the time. We need to be committed at what we do continuously for years to come.

So our Mind is the most important asset. There is an absolute necessity to take good care of it.

Our to-do list is always full. We  always throw those extra hours at it coz we love doing it. We  say YES to everything. And we always take those weekends granted for something that can be done on the following monday.

But when the work we produce come out lousy, it starts to show up. Thats the result of a tired mind. The sooner we realise this point, the better it is.

Allocate good number of hours to whatever you work on. And focus on it completely when you are inside of it. But never work on it outside of those hours.

When we set our work patterns like this, It makes it visible the line between what you can do and what you cannot do. When we don’t know this line, we don’t know what to expect from ourselves. Thats when stress arrives in and in some worst cases - Burn out.

Prioritisation is an important step in any list we compose. That’s when our decisions start to become sharp and logical. Actions will become quick and confident. And thoughts will be so much more clear.

I believe that you always have to give up something to get something else. It is OK to accept that you can’t do/build everything. You would have to give up some of your secondary items in the list and choose the top most item for better results.