It is time for Apple to become little more Open

A year ago, I started to work on iOS apps. I didn’t have any devices then. So I first bought an iPod touch and then I went on to buy both iPhone4S and the new iPad. Totally, they cost me around INR 89,500 and going by the current conversion rates, it is around USD 1657.

Yesterday Apple released the new iPhone 5. It has a 4” display. Going by the fact that they also released a 4” display iPod touch, it is sure that they are going to stick with this size for some years to come. 

Exactly as the rumour sites posted, they have changed the screen size of iPhone. The same sites are talking about iPad mini which will feature a 7” display. So you may tell it for sure that they will also change the iPad screen size in the coming months. 

When I bought those devices, I thought I could happily develop using them for the next 2-2.5 years. But they have gone obsolete now. They are all still less than a year old. The apps I design & develop on them will run inside a black box in the new devices, which I really don’t want. They have changed the screen size. That is my problem.

Surely, it has hurt my pockets.

It is time for apple to become a little more open. They should have notified us about the screen size, at least a year back. After all we pay them $99 a year and 30% on each app sale. I’m sure we deserve this information.

It’s not that I don’t understand the problem behind notifying us. Consumers will start to wait for the new phones and their sales would get hurt. 

They had a choice - hurt developer’s pocket or to hurt their sales. They have clearly chosen the first one. But going by their quarterly profit numbers, they could have done this one good thing for us.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not resisting change here. I love the stuff they came up with. But a responsibility while making such a change is what I want them to have. 

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    Sigh. Why didn’t they confirm it earlier? Android welcomes you, man. At least it hurts you less.
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